Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend....

It was great to get to go home and see my family this weekend, but the unfair thing is the time seems to go so much faster when I'm not in school and at home then during the week. I spent the weekend hanging out with my family.

Friday-I got into Lovell around 9:15. I just hung out at home with my family and watched movies.

Saturday-I helped my parents get the garden ready to go by running errands for my parents. That night Kara, Emilee, Danielle, and I went and watched "Seventeen Again" at the Hyart. It was such a good show, I absolutely loved it!! After the movie Danielle and I hung out with my friend Rodney for the rest of the night.

Sunday-After church I helped cook dinner and then my family went to the Lovell and Cowley cemetary to put flowers on my family members graves. After we got back home we all played Pay Day.

Monday-I hung out at the house, watched a movie with Emilee, and then at 3:30 after eating at Blimpies with my family I got into the car and headed back to Laramie once again.

Well now I'm back at school. Today went pretty quickly and I only have one more day of Music this week-hopefully it'll make the week go faster. School is going good, and I only have three weeks left of English and only a week and one day left of Music!! Then I'll be home for the rest of the summer and working at the drug store. I'm excited and time is going fast.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Much Better....

These past two days of school have gone by much faster, thank goodness!! I think I needed to adjust to being in one classroom for three hours and in another room for two hours. Now that I know what to expect it's not bad. I'm really enjoying my classes and I really like my teachers. It's crazy being in summer classes because they are so fast paced. I already had a quiz in my Intro to Music class and I have an outline due tomorrow in English too.

To make things even better, I already get a vacation. Who knew that in a three or four week period you got a break?! I get to come home Friday after classes because I don't have school Monday because of Memorial Day. Next week is going to fly because I only have my music class twice... Tuesday and Wednesday. Obviously I don't have it Monday because of Memorial Day, but on Thursday and Friday my teacher is going to be out of town which means no class YAY!!

Because I have three days off next week, my music class is only going to take me two weeks and two days to complete and get three credits out of it. AMAZING! I'm not really a fan of being in one class for so many hours in a row, but I'd rather suffer through that and get them over with in three or four weeks. Totally worth it, I'm a summer school fan!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Long Day...

Today has been a very long day! Because I had class at 8:40 this morning and still hadn't gotten my books for my classes, I had to wake up extra early to go to the bookstore and pick them up. The bookstore opened at 7:30 this morning and I think I walked in the doors at 7:35. After getting my books I headed over to my first class in the Fine Arts Building. I had to wait for about an hour because I got done at the bookstore so quick and it wasn't as hard as I thought to find the room where class was. My first class was three hours long!! From 8:40-11:40, and yes she kept us the entire time.

After that class got over, I headed to the Classroom Building where my second class was. Since I had about an hour and fifteen minutes before my next class, I headed back to the bookstore to correct an error they made when ringing up my books. After that was all taken care of, I headed back to the Classroom Building where I did my reading assignment for my English class. English started at 1:20 and went to 3:30. Again, we were there the entire time. By the time I got back to my car and drove home, it was almost 4:00. I can't believe I was at the school for a regular full day of school (over seven hours) and only went to two classes, CRAZY!!!

I walked in the door, put my backpack in my room fed my fish, grabbed my purse, and was out the door once again. I had to fill my car up with gas because I was almost on empty from driving back to Laramie yesterday. I also washed my car because it was quite disgusting. After that, I headed to Walmart to get some groceries because I didn't have much food in my house when I got back and I was a little hungry so I needed to stock up. When I finally got home, I put the groceries away, ate some dinner relaxed for about a half hour, and then started in on my homework!!

I just barely finished and decided to blog about my long day. Now that I have my day finally done, I have to take a shower, read my scriptures, and go to bed just to wake up tomorrow to go back to school again. It's a good thing that I have nice teachers and these classes only last three or four weeks because I wouldn't make it if it wasn't!! YAY FOR SUMMER SCHOOL!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Short Break...

My last final was Friday at 1:15 and it feels so good to be done. I got into to Lovell on Sunday around 4:00 because Jason's graduation and Katelyn's birthday were on Saturday so the family and I stuck around for those important events. Now I'm hanging out in Lovell and getting to catch up on all the sleep that I've missed!!

I'm home in Lovell for about a week. On Sunday I'm headed back to Laramie for summer classes that start May 18th. I'm taking two classes: Introduction to Music and Introduction to Literature. They shouldn't be too hard, and they're only going to take me 3-4 weeks to complete. My last day of class is June 12th and then it's back to good 'ole Lovell for the rest of the summer where I'll work for my dad and hopefully get my Pharmacy-Tech license!!

The week is going fast and before I know it, it's going to be time to head back for more school. While I'm here I'm going to try to make the best of my short break :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Late Night Luau...

Since it's finals week, there tends to be quite a bit of down time. Both Kristen and I didn't have a final today. Kristen has a final tomorrow at 10:30, but I don't have one until Thursday afternoon. Tonight Kristen and I ran to Walmart to get a few things that we needed at the house. We walked past an isle and saw some fun luau decorations for a party, and then it dawned on us that we should have a luau party since this is the last week we'll be living together.

We got some fun decorations and white grape jucie and partied hard for about an hour, from about 9:00-10:00, and took lots of fun, goofy pictures. It was really fun and we both had a great time. Sometimes you just need to take a break from schoolwork and do something crazy and fun!!