Friday, August 26, 2011

One Down.....

Way too many to go! I finished my first week of school and survived. It's going to be a very busy, difficult, and long semester to say the least. My professors have successfully terrified my entire class about this semester and how much work we have to do on top of all the studying that has already been required.

It's been fun though so far. Monday Dani and I went to FHE after class and then played some volleyball. Tuesday and Wednesday Stephanie came over to the house and hung out with us. Thursday Tyler and Zaco came down to Laramie for Ben Long's birthday and because Tyler is leaving on his mission next Wednesday. We had a surprise party for Ben, played Disney Scene It, and then I went to dinner with Kristen while they went out to dinner. To finish off the night, we watched Hercules. This morning after class we went and ate breakfast before Zaco and Tyler left. We went to watch the Cowgirls play volleyball tonight. They played Gonzaga and beat them in 3 games. It was so much fun to watch, I'm so excited the volleyball and football seasons have started.

Speaking of volleyball, Emi started her volleyball season today. I talked to my mom and she said that Emi "unleashed the beast." I'm so proud of my baby sister, she made varsity this year as a Freshman! She's amazing, has been working to hard to make the team, and she did it! I wish we were there to watch her play this weekend. It's so hard to be sitting at home knowing that I'm missing her first high school games. Luckily I get to watch her play next weekend! Congratulations Emi-Chelle, I'm so excited for you and proud of you baby sister!!
This year is off to a crazy start. Hopefully I don't get too overwhelmed and get a chance to enjoy being down here in Laramie with all my friends! Keep your fingers crossed.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back To The Grindstone.....

Well today is officially the last day of summer vacation for us UW college kids. I'm back in Laramie just in time for school to start again tomorrow. It's going to be a intense semester, and I don't know if I'm ready for it. I am excited to see all my friends again, it's been so long!

We got into Laramie around 7:00 tonight, and Dani & I already have all our stuff put away and the house cleaned up. It felt great to get back to my house and have it already clean to start the school year off in!

It was hard to leave my family and Lovell, but I'll be back in a couple weeks for Labor Day so that makes everything easier! I can't wait to see my family again and I miss them already, but I'm so happy to get back into my routine of school, church, and seeing my friends. As nice as it is to go home, it's always nice to come back to my other home too.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Family Vacation 2011.....

This past week was our family vacation. We spent the week in Idaho Falls, Ogden, and Salt Lake City. There was something going on in Salt Lake that made it almost impossible to find a place to stay, so we were everywhere, but it was great and made the trip better and we got to see and stay in new places. It was fun-filled with lots of great memories! It's a good thing that Dani and Emi like to take pictures because if it was up to me, I would have only had a couple pictures of the temples that we visited. Thanks guys, every picture on here is theirs and I stole almost every one that they took!

Monday we took off and headed for Idaho Falls. We were planning to get away at 10:00, but didn't end up leaving until around 11:00. We headed into the park and of course had to play the license plate game! We came up with a lot of them, and even found Hawaii & Alaska!! We stopped at Fishing Bridge to get out, stretch, and look around.
We got into Idaho around 6:00, so we checked into the AmeriTel Hotel, relaxed for a little bit, got ready, and  went to eat dinner at the Sizzler. It was delicious, and the service was smokin' (right Dani & Emi!!). After dinner we did some shopping really quick for swimming suits and then went for a drive around town. The Idaho Falls Temple was the main reason for the drive. It is absolutely beautiful, I'm a little jealous that I wasn't old enough to ever go on the temple excursions when the youth had to come to this temple because I've never had the chance to see the inside of it! They're doing construction on the grounds around the temple, so we didn't get the chance to walk around. After looking at the temple, we headed back to the hotel, went swimming/hot tubbing, and got some rest to gear up for the next day.
Tuesday we woke up, loaded the car down, and headed for Ogden, Utah. We hung out at the hotel for awhile again, relaxing from the drive, and then we went to eat at Texas Roadhouse. After dinner we went to the mall for to look around, driving around and looking at all the huge houses in the city, and ended the night by swimming at the pool.
Wednesday was "the best day of vacation" according to Emilee because we went to Lagoon for the day. Now I'm not a huge fan of rides, so I wasn't quite sure of Emi's assessment, but I had a lot of fun and actually went on some rides!! We rode roller coasters, Go-Karts, lots of rides, played games, ate Dippin' Dots, and watched a couple of music shows. I even went on a ride that went 200 feet into the air and then dropped you. For those of you who know me, this is a very big deal because I'm probably the biggest chicken there is with one of the weakest stomachs. It was a great time and I realized that I can handle things better then I thought, it was definitely a learning experience :) .
After Lagoon, we headed into Layton to eat at the Brick Oven. It was the first time Dani, Emi, or I have eaten there, and we weren't disappointed! To end the night, Dani, Emi, and I went to the hot tub (there's something new!).

Thursday we packed everything up and headed into Salt Lake. We actually woke up early and when we got into town, it was too early to check-in at the hotel, so we headed to the Hogle Zoo. It was fun to see all the different animals and see how much work they've done to the facility, they're putting in some new exhibits that is going to add a lot more animals to look at then is already there.
Emi took some pictures of the animals, but I figured there are enough on here as it is so I didn't include them.

After we got finished at the Zoo, we headed to the hotel to get checked-in and everything out of the car. We had some time, so we went to check out the Gateway Mall, which is outdoors and takes up about 3-4 city blocks. It's built where the old train station could be found. It was neat, but not very fun to walk around in the pouring rain in.
Going to the mall was just to pass the time until it was time to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir practice. They are amazing, I could listen to them for hours. I had a video I recorded with my phone, but it's too large for it to send so I can't get it off of my phone. There are people from all over the country at this practice and many from other countries who were there listening for the first time. We're lucky that we live close enough that we can see them frequently!
After leaving the practice, we walked around Temple Square for awhile. We couldn't do much because it was late, so we snapped some pictures and then headed back to the hotel for the night and watched Something Borrowed (it was so good!).
Friday we went shopping at one of the many malls, relaxed at the hotel, went to Deseret Book, ate dinner at the Olive Garden, walked around Temple Square, and went on a carriage ride around the temple.
After we got back to the hotel for the night, we watched Prom, and then went to sleep so we could be up and get everything packed to head home.

Saturday we headed back to Lovell and got into town around 6:00 to be welcomed home by Kara and her family. It seemed like forever since we've seen them and it was great to have them there waiting! Now it's back to work and coming to the end of summer vacation. Thank you so much Mom and Dad for everything. It was a great trip and I had such a great time, you're the best!! :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

4th of July Celebration.....

I know the 4th of July was a month ago, but I finally got the pictures I wanted (thanks to Dani for getting them off the camera). The day was spent hanging out at home. Usually we go up to the mountains to go four-wheeling, but this year we decided to stay home since we usually don't have a lot of time to shoot off the little fireworks that we get every year, which are actually my favorites to shoot off!!

Kara and the fam came up to join in the fun. We shot off some smoke bombs, snaps, bottle rockets, and some parachutes. After some firework fun we had an outdoor barbecue since it was so nice outside, and then it was time for the real show to start.
We had Amanda come up and join in the fun with us! There was a firework scare this year when one tipped over and shot in all direction, one shot right where Dallin had been standing just minutes before but had gone inside with Kara. Luckily everything was just fine, but it was super scary, it was definitely the fastest we've all moved in awhile! We got a nice rain shower in the middle of lighting everything off so we had to wait it out. Jacob still isn't a huge fan of how loud the fireworks are (he made it way longer this year and didn't even fall asleep, he just spent some of the time in our Yukon), so part way through the show he wanted to listen to my iPod with some headphones to drown out the noise. He looked so cute, and I'm sad I didn't get a picture of it!

After the grand finale, we lit off some sparklers (which is always one of the best parts). Everyone likes this part, even Jake!!
It was a great 4th this year. It was nice to relax and spend some time with the family!! I love the great country that I'm very blessed to live in.