Saturday, April 28, 2012

Moving Day.....

Well the day has finally come. After four years, I've parted with my room, huge bathroom, and closet down here in Laramie. I figured it was time for Dani to enjoy that part of the house. :) We switched rooms today and it's a little different. Everything is able to fit in my new room, I just had to use every square inch. The one thing I had to change was putting my piano in the extra room because there was no way it was fitting in my room.

Before we got to the finished product, our house was a mess. That's definitely an understatement. It looked like our house could be featured on Hoarders. It took us hours to get everything moved between rooms and then put back together. It was a long day to say the least, but totally worth it.
We had to leave the rooms set up pretty much the same because that's how it fits the best in both rooms. So the layout is the same in both rooms, the inhabitants are just different!
Dani is loving having a big room. It feels like she has room to take laps. She's not use to having that much room. We're both liking it. It's different being in a small room but not bad at all. I'm glad Dani finally got the best room in the house, I've had it for so long so it was definitely her turn!
It was nice to get things cleaned up and sorted through to get that much closer to being ready to go home for the summer. Only finals are left until I get to go home all summer & move rooms all over again at home in Lovell!

Luau 2012.....

Our third Luau has come and gone. We had it this past Thursday. It was a great success this year and was probably the best one yet. It could be because it was more than just Kristen and me at the party this year. Dani & Stephanie joined us for our fun time, so the party was more fun and lasted longer than the last two. 

We started out by eating dinner at Applebees then we went to the Dollar Store & Walmart to pick up our Luau outfits and to get treats. Steph had to go look at an apartment, so when Dani & her were gone Kristen and I set up for the fun. We've accumulated quite a few decorations over the past three Luaus and put it all to good use. 
We listened to music & danced, ate junk, drank lots of pop, and took tons of crazy pictures. To finish off the night, we went driving around town in our awesome Hula Skirts & hats. It was a great night and was a perfect way to end the school year. 
Our luaus keep getting better. It's so fun to hang out with friends and just be silly. We always have so much fun. It's one of my favorite parts of Spring Semester!! :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Countdown's On.....

I'm so excited, school is winding down. I just had my last Monday class. I'm going to be counting down everyday, until summer is finally here. I took 2 exams today, I have a speech on Thursday, PE labs due, and another quiz on Friday. Then 4 finals next week! It's going to be a busy two weeks, which means it's going to go quick.

This weekend, Dani & I are going to switch rooms. I figured it was time to give up my big room, bathroom, & closet. It's going to be really different after being in that room for 4 years.

I have one final Tuesday, two on Wednesday, and one on Friday. My car will be packed, and I'm going to take off as soon as I turn in my exam. This summer will be great: seeing my beautiful new babies of the family, no rotations to go to, spending time with friends and family, and making money! Let the countdown begin....

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter Time.....

Easter break was great this year because I got a lot of time off. Dani and I left Thursday after I got out of class and didn't come back to Laramie until Monday afternoon. Usually we have to be back for school on Monday, but luckily this year Dani and I didn't really have anything to be back for so we actually got to spend Easter with my family.

I guess this weekend was movie weekend for me and my sisters. Friday night Emi, Dani, Dylan, and I went up to Powell so Emi and Dylan could finally watch The Hunger Games. It was just as good as the other times I saw it! Saturday we went to the Hyart and watched This Means War. It was a good weekend, and it was fun to spend time with my sisters!

One of my favorite parts of the holiday is dying Easter eggs. We did that Saturday afternoon when my dad got off of work before my dad's meetings and the Saturday session of Stake Conference. I actually got to help this year, unlike last year, because I didn't have any homework or exams to study for! They looked awesome and we dyed a ton of eggs even though we don't eat a majority for them, it's all about the fun. :)
Sunday morning, we had to go to Stake Conference, and since we're old now we didn't want to wake up any earlier then we had to, so we didn't get our goodies or hunt for candy until after church was over. It was a great day and ended with Kara, Jason, and the kids coming up for dinner that night.
I can't believe Easter has already come and is over. I've got less then a month until I"m home for the summer and have another semester over with!