Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lovell's Celebration......

The Mustang Days celebration was a lot of fun this year. We got to do all the fun things all week long & also spend time with family!!

Monday & Tuesday we didn't do too much.... just worked, cleaned the house, & sat around relaxing. Tuesday night Emilee & her friend Jessi went to the follies by themselves. Wednesday night we all (mom, dad, me, Dani, Emi, & Jessi) went to the follies. The follies were pretty good this year... different from how they've been in the past but it's always nice to mix it up a bit! I didn't have to work Thursday, Friday, or Saturday this week, so it was nice just to relax for a few days. :) On Thursday, the entire clan (Kara & her family came with us too) went to the follies again! It was a full house there in the HyArt, but it was lots of fun, and Kate & Jake thought it was the coolest thing....

Friday we spent the day cleaning the yard, relaxing, & visiting with my Aunt Lori & Aunt Phyllis. Later that afternoon while Kara was at her class reunion, I took Katelyn & Jacob to the Family Fun Fair. It was really hot there with no shade, but they both had fun to it was worth it! :D We all headed down to Minchow's Food Court where the Cowley Boys were playing. That is one of my favorite things about Lovell's Days (besides the fireworks). I got to visit with a bunch of my friends that I haven't seen for a while down there.

Saturday morning at 10:00 was the Kiddie Parade. Jacob rode his scooter & Emi walked with him. He looked so cute, but it was pretty cold because of the wind & rain that we got, so he wore Emi's jacket! Katelyn didn't want to do it this year so she hung out with us at the drug store & watch Jake go by.
After the Kiddie parade, we hung out at the drug store until the parade started. We watched in front the the drug store (like always)... It was a long parade this year, mostly because it's time for elections & everyone that's running had something in the parade. Once the parade was over, we waited at the drug store until 1:00 because my dad closed the store then. The rest of the afternoon, we spent hanging out at the house, eating BBQ sandwiches, visiting, relaxing, & making some yummy treats for later in the night.
Around 8:30 we had a caravan going on the way out to Horseshoe Bend for the fireworks. We had a pretty good spot & had a great view of the fireworks. Jake still isn't a huge fan of them, so he sat in the car when they started & plugged his ears. At least this year he watched them, instead of hiding under the blanket the whole time. We got back into town around 11:30, & I spent the last bit of the night hanging out with Michael until I went to sleep.
This week has been so fun, & I can't believe it's already over... Summer is just flying by & with all the cool weather we've been having, it feels like it's barely beginning!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fun Time With Friends.....

This summer has been a lot of fun so far. I've gotten to hang out with a bunch of my friends already. Mostly I've been hanging out with Michael Bernard or Michael Montanez. Michael Bernard & I always have so much fun together: we going to the skate park, listen to music, watch basketball, goof around & do random things, hang out with Wendy & Jordan, and we always talk about anything & everything. The majority of the time with Michael Montanez we: drive around, talk, go to lunch together, and once in a while we'll will do something else like wash my car or go to the park!
I also went to Kari's baby shower & it was so good to see her again, it's been way too long! I also got to see a lot of my other friends too: Chelsey, Kasi, Kjirstyn, & Karren. Since then Kari & I went to lunch together at Blimpies during my lunch break!
I also watched a movie with Kristen Scheffler a few weeks ago... it's been weird not hanging out with her more because we always did so many things together down at Laramie, but we're definitely going to hang more once her back gets feeling better!!

One afternoon I also got to spend time to catch up with Katie! We spent hours talking & it was a lot of fun to get to see her because I miss her tons when I'm down in Laramie!!

Of course I've been spending lots of time with my parents, sisters, niece & nephews, & Jase. I'm so glad that I have a family where we're all so close & have a lot of fun together. My sisters are my best friends and it's been so nice to get to be around them all summer long!
The things I've done with my friends may not seem like anything too exciting, but I love it! Spending time with people I love & care about and just being happy doing it! It's way better then sitting at home all by myself, studying, or doing homework. It's been a great start to my summer, & I can't wait for more fun things to come!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I'm finally getting into a routine for the summer. I started work on Tuesday. I've missed working (is that weird?!), and I'm so excited to be doing it again. At least I know that when I graduate from pharmacy school I'm going to love what I do.

This week has been a weird since Monday was Memorial Day. We didn't do anything special, just worked in the yard and cleaned the house, so it felt like a Saturday, which made my days all messed up this entire week. There's been a lot going on this week as well. On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday Katelyn had T-ball games right after work. I also spent all night after work on Wednesday helping my mom get ready for Youth Conference that started Wednesday night and is still going until this afternoon.

With all the craziness that's been going on this week, it still isn't the normal routine that will be going on all summer long, but it's getting closer & closer to it. Next week I'll finally be into the routine that I'll have all summer & I can't wait until I know exactly what to expect and have a schedule every day. It's been great having a little relaxation time, but I'm the type of person that needs a schedule and know what I have to do. It finally is starting to feel like summer vacation!!