Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just My Luck.....

Yesterday was very eventful. It started out as just a normal day, going to class until 10:00 then coming home and cleaning my house. Yesterday from 2-5, there were mock interviews given by some of the pharmacy students which I wanted to go to in hopes of calming down my nerves before it was time for the actual interview.

It was about 10 minutes to 2:00 and I needed to take the garbage out before I left to go back to the school. I had my purse in my hands & my shoes on, grabbed the garbage to take it out and then after I did that I was going to grab the rest of my stuff and head to the mock interviews. As I shut the door with the garbage in my hand I shut the door and to my horror realized I had locked the door on my way out & of course my keys were in the house; to make matters worse, not only were my house keys inside, but my car keys were as well... AWESOME!!

Well, the bit of luck I had, I did have my phone in my pocket. I was able to call my mom & told her what happened. I tried everything... I tried all of the windows around my house, LOCKED!! I walked all the way down to the office to see if they had a key, nobody was there! This whole time I was on the phone with my mom. While my mom was talking to me, my dad was calling all the different locksmith's in Laramie. Either they didn't do houses or they were busy... finally they found a company who would do it, but they'd have to call the worker who was already out on another job. It was about 3:30 when I finally got into my house. I still made it to the mock interviews, which was great, and luckily it wasn't the coldest day in Laramie, but it was still cold especially without a coat!!

Once my dad finally got a hold of the locksmith, it took him about 20 minutes to get to my house & only a minute or two to unlock my door, and it cost $45 for him to do that! Honestly I can't believe that a little key can cause so much trouble!! Needless to say I will never forget my keys again... they will always be in my pocket from now on, and I'll have a spare key stashed somewhere... Lesson Learned!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Great News......

I just got the best news in the world today. Upon checking my email this afternoon, expecting to not find anything special, I got a HUGE SURPRISE!!!

I officially have an interview for pharmacy school!! I'm so excited and I can't wait... I'm so nervous but excited at the same time!!

Below is the official email that I just received today!!

Dear Bethany C. Reasch:

This is to inform you that you have been selected to interview with the faculty of the University of Wyoming School of Pharmacy, as part of the admission process.

Interviews will be held February 8-19, Monday through Friday, in Laramie, Wyoming, and include a full day from 8:30 am until 5 pm. Please be aware that we do not conduct phone or conference interviews. The schedule for the full day interview is as follows:

Ø 8:30 AM-Welcome- Dean John H. Vandel
Ø 8:45 AM- Overview of the professional pharmacy Program-Maria Bennett, Manager of Student Services.
Ø 9:00 AM- Tour of the University of Wyoming Campus- Ms. Stacy Madden
o (Please bring walking shoes and a warm jacket)
Ø 10:00 AM -Competency Exam
Ø 10:50 AM-Writing Sample
Ø 11:30-12:30 Lunch with Current Pharmacy Students
Ø 12:30 BREAK
Ø 1-5 PM–Individual Interviews with faculty. Once a student is done with the interview they are finished. We will schedule out of state and out of town students to interview early in the day to accommodate travel arrangements.

Interviews will be conducted with 2 faculty members and sometimes a student and will last approximately 30 minutes. You will need to bring a valid ID with photo and be prepared to have your photo taken for your application packet. You will not need any materials for the competency exam, however you will want to bring reading materials for downtime you may have during the day.

For information on hotels, dining, and travel please go to the Laramie Tourism Boards website:

Please email Jo Ann Rule to let us know which day you would like to interview on. Please make sure to include a first and second choice of dates for interview.

We look forward to meeting you!


Maria Bennett
Manager of Pharmacy Student Services
University of Wyoming School of Pharmacy

This is what I have been waiting for. I have constantly been checking my mail and my email to see when I would find out. I have been growing considerable anxious, and it is such a relief to finally know one way or another. Thankfully it is good news!! I couldn't be more happy right now!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

2 Weeks Down.....

Two weeks have already gone by in this Spring semester, and it is already off to a fast start. I've only got 13 credits I'm taking this semester, but it's going to be more work then I've had in any other semester. The professors have gone through a ton of material in all 3 of my classes. My classes are all right in a row I go from 8:00 in the morning until 11:00, so my mornings are extremely busy!

On Monday, Wednesday, & Friday from 8:00-8:50 I have Human Systems Physiology. This class is going to be very interesting. The course it taught by three different professors, & each one only gives one exam. Dr. Donal Skinner, Dr. Margaret Flanigan, and Dr. Michael Dillion are the 3 professors. Dr. Skinner is the first professor to teach. At this point in time, the material he's teaching is review from Biology I and Animal Biology, so it isn't too difficult at the present time. This class is very interesting, and it is finally easy to see why this class is important for pharmacy school!

Next on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday from 9:00-9:50, I have Organic Chemistry II. It is taught by my same professor from last semester, Dr. Robert Corcoran. Sadly, this class is going to be my easiest class this semester (how very sad)! So far the beginning of this class is much easier then the beginning of Organic Chemistry I. I'm not sure if it is because I know what to expect, or if the class truly is easier. I have heard that it is easier then the first semester, but I've also heard the opposite as well. I guess I'll soon find out as the semester continues. I have my first exam on February 3rd.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday from 10:00-10:50 is Medical Microbiology. This is definitely going to be my most challenging class ever!! (According to Jason it's even harder then any of the classes in pharmacy school!) Dr. Dale Isaak is the professor. He is a very entertaining teacher. I also find this class extremely interesting, which will help with my dedication to study because I desperately need to. I also have an exam coming up in this class on February 2nd... this exam has 65 pages worth of information on it & I pretty much have to memorize all of it!

Although I only have 13 credits, each class has a laboratory to go along with it. My Med Micro lab is Tuesday & Thursday morning from 8:00-9:50. This lab is very laid back, and my T.A.s and supervisor are very cool. It is really cool to look at all the specimen underneath the microscope! One of my really good friends, Allen, is in my lab, and we are lab partners so it makes going to lab much better. It is going to be a fun lab....

Wednesday from 2:10-5:00 is my Organic Chemistry lab. Once again I also have a very nice T.A. Her name is Stephanie Lyden; her & I actually were General Chemistry T.A.s together last semester. I also have a friend in this lab. Her name is Sarah and we are lab partners. We actually messed up the first experiment already (what a great way to start the lab)! The lab last semester was pretty interesting, & I'm sure this one is going to be the same way. Lab is definitely the best part of the class!

Thursday afternoon is my Physiology lab from 1:10-3:40. I'm not sure how this lab is going to be because it hasn't started. Next week is the first time we meet. This lab is different than any other lab I've had. There are actually only 4 labs in the entire semester. The rest of the weeks are Tutorials, which are pretty much like practice tests. I can't wait for this lab to start so I can finally get into my full routine!!

I'm super nervous for this semester & just want it to be over already. Hopefully it'll go by quickly, & it can all be behind me!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Christmas Break (Part 2).....

The next few days after Christmas were spent cleaning & getting the house ready for Melissa, Derek, and Darius to come for a visit. Monday, the 28th, my mom & I headed up to Billings to shop for Emilee's birthday, which was on the 31st. After getting home later that night, we finished cleaning the house & I got all of my stuff moved to the upstairs bedroom because Melissa & her family were going to stay in my room.

On Tuesday Melissa, Derek, & Darius arrived! It was so great to see them, I missed them so much since they've moved to Phoenix. Both Tuesday & Wednesday were spent hanging out around the house, playing with Darius (boy he has grown so much, it's hard to believe he's only 1!). Kara & the kids came up to visit both days & it was a lot of fun to be with all the nephews & niece again!

Wednesday night, my parents had to go to the Stake Mutual activity, so Danielle, Emilee, Melissa, Derek, Darius, and I headed down to Kara's house to spend some time. This is the first trip that Melissa saw Kara's new house and Dallin. After spending some time there, we came by to our house & started working on things for Emilee's birthday. After my mom got home we finished everything up & headed to bed.
The next day was spent in celebration of Emi, who I'm so glad is my little sister-however she's not too little anymore. Recently, Emilee has learned to play the guitar & got a black one for her birthday. She also is a little more than obsessed with Jacob Black in New Moon, so we got a cut out for her that she keeps in her room. Later that night, my mom, dad, Melissa, Derek, & I watched Get Smart to bring in the New Year.

The next day, all of us (Kara & her family as well) went to the church gym to play basketball & other games. Then we all went up to eat at Pizza Hut in Powell for dinner.

The rest of the week was spent hanging out at the house, until Saturday. We headed up to Billings to spend the day, bumming around the mall and then eating at the Rib & Chop House later that night. After dinner Darius was exhausted & ready for bed so my mom took him home, while the rest of us went to watch the MSUB basketball game. Sunday we went to church & later that night we ate dinner with the whole family.

Melissa, Derek, and Darius left early Monday morning back to Phoenix. The rest of the week I spent studying to take my Pharmacy Technician Exam. On Thursday my mom & I headed up to Billings so I could take my exam. After it was over, the results said I passed, but I don't get my official results until the 22nd.

Friday I headed back to Laramie & got into town around 6:00. That night I got everything unpacked. Saturday, I bought all my textbooks & got groceries for my house. The rest of the day & today was spent relaxing, enjoying the last two days of my break. Tomorrow another semester starts & it is going to be a ton of work!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Break (Part 1).....

Christmas break has just flown by partly because it been very busy & a lot of fun but also because time just always seems to fly by. After watching New Moon Saturday night with my sisters, my birthday was on Sunday the 13th. I had a great birthday & was so excited to be with my family and not have any schoolwork to worry about. It was a very laid back day. My family and I went to church, then later in the day Kara and her family came up to eat dinner. While we were waiting for dinner to cook, I opened some of my presents. It seemed like I really wanted to drag out my celebration because I waited to open my final present until after dinner and of course who can forget the cake & ice cream we ate afterward. What a great day & how crazy it is to think that I am 20!!

The week after my birthday I spent relaxing and hanging out at the house because I was in desperate need of some recuperation after my rough finals week.

Tuesday night, Katelyn had her Christmas program for school so we all went to watch her do that. The songs she did were so cute, and she was overly excited that everyone came to watch her preform. (We had to sit clear in the back at the Hyart, so it was really hard to see the stage & sadly I wasn't able to get any pictures of beautiful Katelyn that night.)

On Wednesday I spent the day hanging out with Katie at her house and we made a stop at the VIP preschool so we could watch Jacob's short Christmas program. After the show Katie & I went to eat lunch at the Switchback and went back to her house afterwards to watch a movie.

Saturday the 19th, my mom, dad, Dani, Emi, and I all headed up to Billings to finish up our Christmas shopping.

Sunday evening after going to church and eating dinner we went to watch the Stake Christmas Concert because my mom was singing in the choir. I loved the music & I also loved getting to hold Dallin during the concert.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday was spent helping my mom clean the house, wrapping presents, and helping get everything ready for Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

Christmas Eve was great this year. Kara & her family joined my family at our house for dinner and a Christmas Family Home Evening. It was an exciting evening that was filled with songs, stories, games, and the Christmas spirit could be felt all night long. One of my favorite parts of the program was when Katelyn and Jacob dressed up as Mary & Joseph and Dallin was the baby Jesus. They stood there while Jason read the account of the Savior's birth out of the scriptures.

Later that night after Kara's family went home, Dani, Emi, and I got to open a present before we went to bed that night. We all got matching t-shirts & shorts to wear for bed (since none of us usually wear real pajamas) and of course we had to have a photo shoot before heading to bed.

Christmas day, we got to sleep in a little bit. Not as much as I wanted, but more then we used to when Emi was younger. My dad came to wake me up around 7:30 because Emi was ready to go and see what Santa brought us! After opening presents and eating a late breakfast, the rest of the day was spend hanging around the house & playing Band Hero. Later that night we all went over to Kara's house to see what the kid's had gotten for Christmas. Each thing was brought out 1 by 1 to make sure that we didn't miss anything Kate & Jake got :). After spending some time at their house, the party shifted up to the Reasch household so Kara could see all our "toys" that we got.

The preparation for Christmas & Christmas day was crazy, but it was great. I really appreciate everything my mom & dad do to make Christmas as special as it is every year.