Saturday, January 18, 2014

Christmas & the Rest of Break.....

Christmas morning didn't start too early this year, around 8 or 9. I'm so grateful for my parents and everything they do for us. They try to make sure we all have a great holiday and get us lots of amazing gifts. I really wanted to get my parents something special for Christmas but was really struggling with what to get them. We ordered a mounted wall art picture from Shutterfly of the Salt Lake Temple, which is where they were sealed when they got married. It turned out really nice, and I was pleased with it.
We spent the rest of the day being lazy and playing with our new presents. Later that night, we went to Kara's to see what the kids got for Christmas from Santa & their parents. It was a low key day, but was great to spend the day with family.

The next week it was time for Emi's birthday. I can't believe my baby sister is already 17. The favorite gifts we got for her were displays for all her sports awards. She amazes me with how she excels in everything she does. She's so talented. I'm proud to be her sister and can't brag enough about her. She's one of my best friends and couldn't imagine our family without her. We spent the night with Kara & her family again for some homemade pizza, cupcakes, & a night filled with games. I'm pretty boring, I rang in the New Year in my bed watching a movie in the dark (pretty sure that's a sign that I'm getting old).
The rest of break I spent hanging out at home, making some blankets on my new sewing machine, playing my guitar, and spending time with my family. Of course we had to make a trip down to the drug store for some of the famous Lovell Drug ice cream, which is definitely the best in town. We also spent lots of time out at Kara's house playing games and watching tv with the kiddos.
Christmas Break went by way too quick. It was a nice break and I enjoyed all the time I got to spend with my family. I'm so grateful for everything that they do for me. I can't believe I'm already back at school with my first week already under my belt. Only 15 weeks to go until I'm done with school work forever!

Christmas Eve.....

Christmas Break went by super quick. Because finals were the second week of December, we didn't get home until late on the 13th. I got to open my birthday presents when we got home that night, went to bed, and watched Emi's game the next day. To finish off the night we had Kara & her family up for dinner and dessert. The next week was spent getting things ready for Christmas time, shopping, and watching Emi's basketball tournament.

The day before Christmas Eve, Dani brought Kate, Jake, & Dallin up so they could wrap up the surprise present they got for their parents. Katelyn had told Dani that she was so sad that she couldn't get her mom and dad a present because they're always there. When we went up to Billings we got them a picture frame and stand that we put a picture of the kids in it. They were so excited and cute coming up, picking out the wrapping paper, making cards, doing all the wrapping, and making a plan of how we were going to sneak it out to the house without their parents seeing it. I have to say I think this was one of my favorite things about Christmas this year. I'm glad we were able to help the kids come up with a gift for their parents.
Our plan was a success, Kara & Jason had no idea and were really surprised when they brought the present out Christmas morning. The next day we got the family deliveries done and got ready for Christmas Eve night. We had a small dinner and program with Kara & the family. After dinner, we played some Christmas Twister followed by Christmas Bingo (which I'm pretty sure is the kids favorite part of the night)! The kids started off Family Home Evening by singing some Christmas songs, which made my heart melt. My mom then talked about the nativity and how it would have felt to be there. We went to the basement and sat in front of a large picture of the stable, while Emi played O Holy Night. My mom challenged us to think about what Christmas really meant and how we can try to put Christ first in our lives. To finish off the evening, we did some Secret Santa.
Before bed, we got to open our new PJs. I love getting new slippers and something new to sleep in. This year my mom and dad got each of us Bulldogs sweats and shirts. My mom let us take a few pictures before kicking us into our rooms, so they wouldn't be up until dawn (even though I don't know if that worked out so well)!
Christmas Eve is actually my favorite part of Christmas and what I look forward to the most. From dinner and the program to Secret Santa, that's what makes it feel like the Holidays to me.