Thursday, January 27, 2011

Crazy Busy....

Well, my semester is starting to get crazy. I haven't had too much going on these first few weeks, other than weekly quizzes. For the most part they aren't too bad, they're mostly used for attendance or to make sure we're keeping up with the material, with the exception of my Pharmacy Practice quizzes. For those ones I've got lots of drugs to memorize every week. I've got to know all the side effects, counseling points, brand/generic names, uses, and lots of other information about each drug.

Next week is the start of all my madness, so naturally I'm putting off studying & doing my work and updating my blog (I'll do anything to get out of studying a little longer). I have two exams (Pathophysiology- Monday morning & Pharmacokinetics- Wednesday afternoon), three quizzes (Pharmacy Practice- Monday, Self-Care- Tuesday, & Med Chem- Friday), a meeting with my group for a Pathophys presentation (Thursday), and finally a training meeting with the Stake Relief Society presidency for my calling (also Thursday).

It all makes it a little easier because my classes are very interesting for the most part, and I can actually see why I need to know what I'm learning since it's stuff that I'll actually need to know. I know it's going to be worth it, and that's why I'm wanting to put myself through wanting to pull my hair out or sometimes even blow my brains out, but I remind myself that I love what I'm going into. The time is going to go by way quick, my four years will be over before I know it, and then I'll never have to take another test or do homework again.

I also really enjoy my calling. My counselors & secretary are amazing and are willing to help me with anything. This has made a huge difference in my life, and I know that I'm able to stay calm and not stress out too bad with school right now because I'm finding ways to balance everything I have to do throughout the week, and this entire semester.

I'm going to be extremely busy for the remainder of the semester, but luckily I have more weeks this semester without any exams than last semester, so I at least have a break and time to relax (a little bit). Hopefully with my busy schedule & everything that needs to get done the semester will go by quick, & I'll have an entire year of school under my belt.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fun Times With The Roomies.....

Kaia moved in with Dani & me at the beginning of the semester. It's been a lot of fun so far! We've cooked actual food since she's moved in because it's so much easier to make food for more than 2 people. It's nice to finally make homemade meals.
We've watched a lot of the One Tree Hill seasons and some movies. With the first week of school there's not a lot going on yet as far as school work goes so we're getting our relaxing in while we can!

Yesterday we didn't have school because it was Martin Luther King Jr. day. We didn't just want to spend the day sitting around because we did that most of the weekend. We spent the day in Fort Collins. First we went to the mall & did some shopping. After we shopped for about an hour and a half, we headed to Olive Garden to eat dinner (which was the real reason for going to Fort Collins). It was delicious & it was a lot of fun to get out of Laramie and spend time with my roomies!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

All Good Things Must Come To An End.....

Well my break is over, tomorrow school starts again. Christmas break went by way too fast. After the Christmas holiday was over, I spent the rest of my break helping with my sisters birthday and working at the drug store. I was trying to relax as much as possible, but I had a lot to do. On New Year's day we all just hung out at the home and played DJ Hero.

I came back to Laramie Thursday, I got a late start because I didn't want to leave and didn't get in until 9:00. It took awhile to get everything moved in and put away so that's all I did for the night.

Friday I spent the day running around. I was supposed to go to Denver for a shadowing trip, but I didn't have my intern license yet, so I didn't end up going. Instead I got a lot of things to do. I went and bought all my books. Then headed to the store to pick up some things. I relaxed the rest of the day and did that all day yesterday.

Today I had church and I was sustained as the ward's new Relief Society President. I'm really nervous about my new calling. There was a lot to do as the 1st counselor, and it will be even more demanding as the president. After talking with the bishop and getting set apart today after the meetings were over, I'm feeling much better and know everything will work out.

I'm not excited for school to start again because break was much too short, but I'm glad to be back in Laramie because I get to see all my friends again. Hopefully this semester will go well & won't be too stressful!!