Tuesday, May 25, 2010


The LHS Graduate of the Class of 2010.....Congratulations Dani-Lyn, I Love You So Much!!
Dani's graduation was last night, and she looked beautiful! I can't believe she's already graduated, time has just flown by! She shouldn't be this old yet, and I'm not too sure I like it..... I was so proud of and excited for Dani last night. She's so beautiful & is the sweetest girl! I'm so glad she had so many good friends that made high school so fun for her!!

We spent the day getting ready for Dani's big night: cooking dinner, decorating, and wrapping presents. My dad had the day off, so Dani opened her presents around 3:00 after Emi got home from school. After that she headed to a graduation party for one of her friends, and then around 5:30 the entire family was up at the house and we ate steak for dinner before graduation!
The ceremony was filled with music, speeches by the valedictorian (Evan Frost) & salutatorian (Ben Long), 2 speakers (Caleb & Josh Sanders), presenting of diplomas, and finally the presentation of the Class of 2010. It went by so fast (sometimes it feels like the ceremony should be a little longer due to the amount of work that the students had to put in throughout all of high school) and I couldn't believe when it ended!
After snapping some pictures and passing out graduation cards to people, we all headed back to our house for chocolate pie & cherry cheese cake. Amanda & Kaia came up to join in the fun before Dani, Emi, Amanda, & Kaia headed to Grad Night Out! I haven't seen Dani yet this morning because she's still sleeping, but it looks like she won a Wii from the fun night last night!
It's so crazy that it's already over. I'm so excited for her to be down in Laramie with me next semester, and I can't wait to see how at what she achieves in her life! I've been waiting for her to join me since I've been down in Laramie & I know Dani has been waiting for this day to come for a long time. Congratulations Dani-Lyn.... You Did It!!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer Vacation.....

It has officially started for me! I was going to take some summer classes because I thought I needed to get one more credit to meet all of the requirements for pharmacy school. So Sunday afternoon, after coming home to Lovell for a week after finals, I headed back to Laramie because summer classes started on Monday. I went to my first class, P.E. activity and then the lecture portion, with full intentions of being there for the four week duration of the class.

For some reason I got onto my WyoWeb account to look at my transcripts (I think it was to look at what my GPA was after this semester, but I really don't remember why exactly!) and discovered that I actually had the correct number of credits that were required. I still went to my other class to check it out, and if it was going to be less work then during the semester I was going to stay and complete the classes.

Well it turns out that both of the classes weren't shortened or simplified, they were exactly the same as during the semester only crammed into 4 weeks instead of an entire semester. It was totally not worth it, and I don't need the credits, so I dropped all my classes last night, packed up all my stuff, and I'm now back in Lovell for the rest of the summer!

I'm very excited to actually have the entire summer off and to be done with school for 3 months! After this past semester, it is time for a break & I totally wasn't looking forward to another month of school. Everything worked out for the best & even though it consisted of a totally unnecessary 12 hour round trip (Lovell-Laramie-Lovell again) I'm alright with it because I won't be making that trip again for a few months! YAY for summer vacation, a much needed break, & actually getting to work!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Put This One In The Books.....

I'm done with another semester of school! It's hard to believe that I've already been through 2 full years of college, and that I've been out of high school for that long already, boy how time flies!! My finals week wasn't too bad, there was just a lot of studying that had to be done!!

I had my O.Chem final today at 7:30 and finished it at 9:15. My car was all packed up and ready so I could leave as soon as I was free from my final school related thing. I had to do some small things before I left Laramie and ended up leaving town around 10:00. The weather and roads were perfect, and I got into Lovell at 4:00. The rest of the day I spent talking with my family, going to see Kara & her family, riding around, and watching a movie! It's a good way to start my break.

I'm so relieved that this semester is finally over! It's been full of stress and tons of work, it couldn't have ended soon enough, but I survived & now upon getting my official final grades, I'll officially have my Pharmacy spot for the next semester (which means only 4 more years of school until I'm done forever)! I'm so ready for summer vacation & couldn't be happier that it's finally here.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ward Activity.....

Today we had a ward activity at 11:30 this morning. We wanted to do one last thing as a ward before the end of the semester and since next week is finals, it would be difficult to do one then.

We met at the Stake Center (we were going to have it at the park but the weather is just not being cooperative). It wasn't anything too special, we just ate lunch and played some games. There was lots of food: hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, tons of salads, & lots of different desserts. I brought a dessert: Melt in Your Mouth Dessert.

Even though it wasn't anything too extraordinary, it was so much fun. I absolutely love my ward. We have an awesome bishopric and I have so many friends in my ward. It's great and also sad being in a student ward because there's always changes each semester: some people leave and others new people come. It's sad to lose people out of the ward that you've grown close to, either because of marriage or because they've changed wards because they moved out of the ward boundaries.

I'm convinced that I have the best ward EVER, it's just so amazing. The people in my ward are so awesome, they participate so well in each lesson and makes it so great. I'm going to miss the student ward when I go home, & I can't wait to come back to the ward next semester. They've become my family down here!!