Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day Weekend....

This weekend, Melissa, Derek, and Darius came down to Laramie because Derek was going to play in the UW Alumni Game on Saturday. I had a lot of fun while she was here!! They got here Thursday night after I got out of school at 3:00. We bumbed around the house after they got here, made dinner, & watched a movie later that night. Nothing too exciting happened because I had school the next morning.

Friday I left for school at 8:00 & didn't get done until 5:00 because I had a 4 hour safety training I had to attend in order for me to be a TA. I went straight from the Classroom Building to the Arena Auditorium, where Derek was having a 3-Point Shootout. Derek did good & it was a lot of fun to watch (I got to play with Darius the whole time too). After the shootout was over, Derek wanted to stay to play a pick-up game with some of the other Alumni, so Melissa, Darius, & I went to eat at Godfather's Pizza. It was Yummy!!!! By the time dinner was over I was ready to be home!! Melissa dropped me off at home & was off to the Ark, where her and Darius went to visited some people she used to work with. The rest of the night was spent being lazy.

Saturday was the first UW Football game vs. Weber State at 1:00. Darius only lasted until half-time, so Melissa ended up taking him home to nap before Derek's basketball game. Boy was it Hot at the game. The temperature was only about 76 degrees, but if felt way warmer. I got a pretty bad sunburn, & now I have an awesome line from where my shirt sleeve ended!! UW won 29-15 (which made it totally worth it to bear the heat)!! After the game, I went back to the house, picked Melissa & Darius up, then headed to Derek's game. Derek's team did well, they led the entire game until the end. They ended up losing 101-105! It was a nail-biter to the end!! Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun, especially Derek & he did really good! While Derek & the rest of the Alumni stayed at the gym to sign autographs, Melissa, Darius, Stacy, Dana, Jake, Stacy's friend Jen, & I went to eat at Corona Village. I have to say I wasn't too impressed, but everyone else was. It didn't help that I wasn't very hungry, so maybe I'll have to give it another try!! After we got home, I babysat Darius so Melissa & Derek could go out on a much needed date.

Melissa's family went home this morning while I was gone to church (my church starts at 9:00). It's sad that they had to go home because I had so much fun seeing them. I'm glad they came down this weekend to see me, I had a Blast!!

Liss & Me Before the Football Game...

Darius & Me At Derek's Basketball Game