Monday, June 23, 2014


After being down in Laramie for a couple weeks, I was lucky to have some visitors at my house. Kara, Jason, and the kids came down Friday the 13th to stay with me for a couple days before heading to Denver on their family vacation.

To say the kids were excited would be the understatement of the year. After I got off of work and cleaned the house in a quick hurry, the troops arrived. Luckily I had iPads, Movies, Nerf Guns, and Stuffed Animals to keep them entertained or I'm pretty sure my house would have been a little boring. After getting some energy out from the long car ride, we went to Applebee's to eat dinner then finished off the night watching Home Alone 3 and eating popcorn. 

The next morning we all woke up bright & early. After getting the house picked up, everyone else went out to eat breakfast while I got ready. We spent the day at the Rec Center swimming, playing basketball, and ended the adventure at the play area. After a few hours, we'd had all the fun we could handle, so we headed to Walmart to get some ice cream before heading home. 

My room became the dedicated TV room since it was right next to the living room and kitchen so we were able to keep an eye on the wild bunch.
Katelyn & I had a nail party, and I helped her paint her toe nails because both of our old nail polish needed a touch up! Luckily, Katelyn is easy to please because my technique is not the greatest :)
Kara, Jason, and Kinlee went out to eat at Corona Village for dinner while the kids and I sat at home watched Surfs Up and ate Little Caesars for dinner. It was a fun night and I loved spending time with my crazy kiddos!
To finish off the weekend, we went to church on Sunday and then Kara cooked a big lunch since it was Father's Day before everyone left for Denver to go to the Zoo and spend a few days in Colorado. I had to stay in Laramie because I had to go to my rotation on Monday. 

It was nice to get to see everyone and have a good break from school work. It was a great weekend, full of lots of activities and fun (it's about time they came back here to see their old home, hopefully it was everything they ever dreamed of). Kara & Jase sure did a lot and I'm thankful they brought the kids down to spend some time with their Aunt Bethy!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Week One.....

Well I've survived week one of my first rotation. I've really enjoyed being at the Board of Pharmacy. There's been lots to do to keep me busy. Already I've answered about 10 questions regarding the law, prepared presentations, read 2 books, written my newsletter article, and met with the FDA/Wyoming Attorney General's Office. I get to meet with the FBI next week, give a couple of presentations, and go to the Board meeting and WPhA convention at the end of the month. Luckily, I have some down time which means that I've been able to get a head-start on my Seminar Presentation too.

The days are kind of long because I have to be on-site by 8:00, five days a week, so driving from Laramie means waking up by 5:30 to get ready to be sure that I'm on time every day. I don't take a lunch break usually so I can head home by 4:00, otherwise I would have to stay until 5:00. All I can say is I'm glad that I'll only be commuting to work for a few weeks, I definitely couldn't do it every day.

It's nice to be able to get my feet wet before jumping in head first to the demanding rotations that I'll have later on. The people I work with every day are the sweetest and have made me feel very welcome. Not a day goes by without receiving a compliment from my preceptor. I'll be crossing my fingers that the rest of my rotations go as smoothly as this one has been so far!