Saturday, September 15, 2012

First Attempt.....

Well tonight I made my first attempt at making caramel popcorn. I'm proud to report that it turned out great! I only had to make one call to my mom to find out what it meant when it said cook to softball consistency.
Dani and I have been hanging out at home and decided we wanted to have a movie night, since that's pretty much all we ever do on the weekends! We got the movie, What to Expect When You're Expecting. We're going to spend the night watching movies and chowing down on one of my favorite homemade treats.
Making my mom's caramel corn is super easy. Thanks Aunt Cathy for giving the recipe to my mom, it's the best stuff I've ever tasted. It's pretty easy and quick to make. Here's the recipe for the best caramel corn ever:
Caramel Corn
2 Cups Brown Sugar
1 Cup Karo Syrup
1 Cup Butter or Margarine
Dash of Salt
**Cook to Softball and then Pour in 1 Can of Eagle Brand Milk. Pour over popcorn**

Friday, September 7, 2012

Volleyball Weekend.....

After going to class for 3 days, Danielle & I decided it was long enough and headed back to Lovell Thursday morning. We just missed making that drive and didn't want to wait until the end of the month to make it again!
We came back on Thursday morning and made it to Greybull in time to watch Emilee play her first conference game of the season. They played well and won in three sets. 

After getting back to Lovell, we headed out to Kara's house to celebrate Jacob's 7th Birthday. He's so handsome and I can't believe how big he's gotten! In just one year he'll be old enough to get baptized. He's such a sweet boy who loves everyone. I'm so blessed to have such a great nephew. I sure love my Jacob Brent!!
The Montana/Wyoming duels were this weekend in Billings, which is why we came home. We knew that we'd have a chance to watch a ton of volleyball! She had 3 games on Friday and then 3 games on Saturday. Since the tournament started early Saturday morning, we stayed overnight at the Big Horn Resort. Emilee played amazing, just like she always does. It was fun to see different teams that we don't see anywhere else. 
It was awesome to watch so much volleyball, and it was definitely worth it to endure the 6 hour drive to support my baby sister! I couldn't be more proud of her and can't wait to watch the rest of the season!

A Little Behind.....

I have been a slacker on keeping my blog updated this summer. So this post is about everything that happened over the summer, which of course means lots of pictures! I wasn't overly exciting; I mostly worked spent time with friends and family.
A lot of the summer I spent hanging out with Kristen at the softball games to keep her company while she kept score for the Rec. We made a few trips to Cody to eat dinner, we watched movies, drove around, and even made a trip to Billings to pick out my bridesmaid dress for her wedding that's at the end of this month!

Dani, Emi, & I had some adventures this summer when we went riding around! One great event was getting lost on the back roads and almost traveling down a road with a sign that warned us to "Travel At Your Own Risk!" We did lots of riding around because Emi likes that she's legal to drive, so I got to be the passenger a lot of the time!
One of the fun events this summer, as usual was Lovell's Day. Melissa, Derek, & Darius got to come down for the festivities again this year. Luckily, it was a week earlier this year so Melissa was still able to fly. It was great to spend time with everyone!! The kiddos wanted to all ride scooters in the Kiddie parade, and Dallin tagged along on his tri-cycle. We also got the annual girls picture taken after the parade before going to watching Dani play in the volleyball tournament.
The other fun thing we did this summer was the 4th of July. We went to the Cody Stampede rodeo. It was a perfect day and was a ton of fun. I've never been to the Stampede, so this was a first for me, and I was not disappointed.
After getting back from the rodeo, Kara and her family came up to blow off fireworks. It was definitely eventful this year. Since it was so dry, we caught some of the sagebrush on fire, twice. Luckily we got everything taken care of before any damage was done. Jake seemed like he enjoyed the fireworks a lot more, and even was brave to light some of them off!!
Draya Rae was born on July 6th. She's beautiful and she instantly had our entire family wrapped around her finger. It killed me that she was in Phoenix and we were in Lovell. Melissa, Darius, & Draya made a trip up to Wyoming at the end of July so we could meet the newest addition to our family. While she was here, we went up to the Powell Fair.
The kids had a blast and it was great to spend time with Melissa and her great kids. Draya is precious, and I love her to pieces.
The last event of my summer vacation was watching Emilee play volleyball in her first tournament of the season. She did great and has improved tremendously since last year. It's going to be a great season, and I'm so excited to watch my baby sister dominate this season!

It was eventful summer, that went by super fast. I can't believe I've already been going to school for 2 weeks. Where does the time go?