Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break '11.....

Spring Break was great! It was a nice break from school that I totally needed. I didn't do anything fun or exciting like some of my friends who went to Vegas or Disney World, but I spent time at home with my family and friends and got to do anything I wanted.

Friday Dani and I headed for Lovell after I got out of class at 10:00. It was a pretty quick drive. The rest of the night I spent hanging out at home talking with my parents.

Saturday I actually got to sleep in! It was a great feeling to have nothing to do. Well, I had stuff to do, but I totally put it off the entire break. Later that night Kara and the fam came up. It was so great to see everyone because it's been since the beginning of January. It's not super long, but it felt so much longer then that since I last saw them!

Sunday I went to church at 8:00 in the morning! I definitely don't miss that when I'm down in Laramie. I'll stick with my 11:00 church. After sacrament meeting Dani and I went to Kara's house to hang out until everyone else got out of church. After Kara & the fam got out of church, they headed up to our house and we all ate dinner.  Once again I just hung out at home and read my book for the rest of the night (Side Note: I've started reading a new series & I love it! It's the Fallen series by Lauren Kate. It's fabulous!!).

Monday I woke up early and headed to Powell at 7:30 to do my shadowing experience at the Powell Hospital. It was cool to see what happens in a hospital pharmacy because it's totally different than the retail setting. From what I've seen I'm still definitely doing retail, but it's always fun to see other aspects of what I'm going into. Kristen, Wendy, & I went over to the high school to shoot around. That night I listened to Emi play the guitar and then I read my book for the rest of the night.

Tuesday I hung out with Kate and Jake during the day after Katelyn got out of school. We played lots of games. More of reading my book and hanging out at the house for the rest of the night. I'm pretty boring, but that's what I miss when I'm down at Laramie.

Wednesday During the day I hung out at home, who would have thought. I went to Kara's house to see the kids and hang out at the house with them. Later during the night I hung out with Michael Montanez. We just cruised around town and talked.

Thursday I spent most of the day with Michael Bernard. It was way too long since I saw him so we hung out for hours, starting at 11:00 and I finally came home at 7:00 that night. I sat at home for awhile, reading my book, and then Emi & I went riding around the town.

Friday Kara and the kids came up a little before Kate got out of school and then stayed for awhile after school got out!! Emi, Dani, & I hung out during the day. Later that night Emi & I hung out, I listened to her play the guitar, we both read our books, and then went riding around.

Saturday Jake wasn't feeling well, so I took Katelyn to get her friend a birthday party, took her up to the party, went to the drug store & helped my dad, went and picked Katelyn up for the party, went back to the drug store, ate lunch, got ready, rode around with Emi, watched the Harlem Ambassadors game, rode around with Emi again, and watched a movie to finish off the night.

Sunday I went to church again super early in the morning, went to Kara's house afterwards and told them goodbye, came home ate dinner with the family, and then packed up and headed back to Laramie. We got back into town around 9:00, I unpacked, and then headed to bed.

School was right there waiting for me when I got back. This week is absolutely crazy busy and so is the rest of this semester! I can't wait for this year to be over, it's been super busy, full of drama, and just needs to be over!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

State Basketball.....

This past weekend was state basketball! I love this time of year & always look forward to it. Dani & I took of Thursday afternoon after I got done with lab. We got into Casper around 1:30 and headed to the hotel to meet up with the fam. After getting ready we ate at Olive Garden (delicious)! After dinner we headed to the gym and spent the rest of the night watching 4 basketball games. It's crazy how times change, when I was younger the last thing I wanted to do was sit in the gym & watch games all day, now that's all I want to do! We did miss the girls' game because it was earlier in the morning, which stinks because it was a great game. The girls played Lingle Fort Laramie & the boys played Burns, both of them won moving onto the Semi-Finals.
I got these pictures from different websites (Wyopreps & the Casper Star Tribune), so I could have pictures with my post. I wish I could take pictures as good as these!!
We got back to the room pretty late, got to bed after hanging out for awhile, and woke up early the next day to watch lots more basketball. At the event center we got to eat yummy donuts, which I've been craving forever, & frozen lemonades (talk about amazing)!! Once again because the Lovell boys had the late game we got back to the room very late so we hung out for a bit & went to bed. The girls played Tongue River in the semis & won, which is about the first time ever that Lovell has beat them at the state tournament! The boys played Wyoming Indians, and lost. Man, the Chiefs had a great game, they were making everything & there's not a lot that you can do about that when whatever they throw up goes in, the Bulldogs played awesome!

After sleeping in Saturday morning, we went to eat a Godfather's before the boys game. There was the college tournament, so the boys 3th & 4th place game was played at Kelly Walsh. They played Kemmerer, and won! Good job boys, it was fun watching!!

Straight from that game, we headed to the event center to watch the girls' championship game. They played Burns & it was a great game. Lovell played amazing & won! It was Lovell girls' 2nd basketball championship & it's been 11 years since the last one. Great Job ladies & congratulations that's awesome!!
I stole your picture Aunt Michelle, I needed one! I'm glad someone remembered a camera :)
Both the boys & girls played amazing this weekend. It was great to get to watch 2 talented teams who did great at the tournament & throughout the entire season. It was totally worth the trip to see them play and spend time with my family, without worrying about school!