Sunday, July 7, 2013

Superwoman For a Day.....

I always knew that mom's were superheroes, but it wasn't until yesterday that I truly appreciated everything a mom has to do.

Kara & Jason needed to go to Billings to pick out some stuff for their addition on their house. To make the decision process a little easier, I babysat the kids. It was one of the longest, most stressful 7 hours of my life. But I loved it and couldn't think of a better way then spending it with those sweet kids that I'm lucky enough to call my nieces & nephews. We played games, watched movies, ate dinner & popcorn, Just Dance'd, and completed everything on Katelyn's bucket list she made before I got there. We were even able to clean up our mess so the house looked good when Kara & Jase got home.
I must have done an okay job because they asked if I could do it again next time their mom & dad needed to go to Billings. I was even invited to stay the night and eventually left with tears of goodbye because they didn't want to me to go. I'm so lucky to be so loved by those kids.

After just 7 hours I was worn out. My parents and sisters even came to help for awhile, but I was still ready for bed by the time I got home. Mom's are definitely all like Superwoman. They do their job each & every day without a break, vacation, pay, sick days, or most of the time gratitude or notice for what they do. I have the best mother in the entire world, who does all she can for our family. She works herself to the bone for us. After yesterday, I'm doubly amazed that she's done this for over 30 years! With all the hard work and sacrifices you make, you really have to be a selfless person to be a mother.

This gave me a little insight to what a mom does every day. There's no harder job in the world, but also no more rewarding job. I can't imagine a better feeling in the world then to feel how loved you are by those little kids. My mom & sisters are the best examples of how mom's should be and act. I hope that I will be just like them when the time comes for me. Thanks Kara for letting my watch your sweet kiddos!