Tuesday, October 18, 2011


This year has been full of changes. Last semester in school I had to learn how to study while in pharmacy school, but this year it's been figuring out how to do the same amount of studying plus adding papers and weekly assignments on top of all that work, not fun! I'm surviving though and am adjusting to my workload just fine. 

Not only have I had changes in school, but in church as well. I was aware of the changes that were coming before most other people because my bishop had to let me know for my calling. First of all, I'm no longer in the University 2nd Ward. There were boundary changes that took place this year, and I was put into a new ward. The boundary changes took place because they've shifted wards from being Student Wards to Young Single Adult Wards, so the boundaries needed to be based on geographical location to include all of the young adults in the town instead of targeting only the college students. 

Because I was switching wards was the reason Bishop Killpack let me know in advance since that meant I was going to be released as the Relief Society President. Being released was bitter sweet. I was happy because the calling was very time consuming and I didn't know how I was going to handle my hectic school schedule and then care for the 90 girls in Relief Society and fulfill my calling to the best of my abilities. On the other hand, I was sad because I loved the girls and the rest of my ward so much. It was really hard to leave because that's been my ward since I've been in Laramie.

Now I'm in the Laramie River Ward (which used to be the University 3rd Ward). I absolutely love this ward. I knew everything would be okay with switching wards, I'd be able to adjust, but I was really upset about having to leave my ward that I know and love. To my pleasant surprise I've had a great time. Because of the boundary changes, some other people from 2nd ward made the change with me. The ward is a lot smaller, but I like it because we're all close and know each other already. I've already made a bunch of new friends, especially in Relief Society because there's only about 10 girls. Bishop Black and his counselors are great, they're all so friendly and down-to-earth. 

With the ward being so small, it was inevitable that I was going to get a new calling. I didn't think I would get one as quick as I got one, but what can you do. I was sitting in Sunday School the first week I was in the ward, when I was asked to go to the bishop's office, where I was asked if I would be willing to be the FHE coordinator (a.k.a the FHE Mom). I felt a sense of Déjà vu because when I first came to school here in Laramie, I was called to be the FHE mom in 2nd ward. I was really excited because I actually loved that calling and was sad to be released. 

So far my calling has been going great. My partner's name is Dustin Nelson, and he's a lot of fun. We work well together and are both easy going. Since we have a such a small ward, we only have one large group. Each week we have about 20-25 people show up, which is almost the same amount that we have in church each week. We all have a good time and because there's so many people that show up the activities are always a success. Yesterday we did pumpkin carving, and there were 25 people that came. We had 12 pumpkins so we partnered up and did pumpkins together. My partners were Rhiannon and Stephanie (who's in my pharmacy class). We had tons of fun and were laughing the entire time.
I'm loving school, church, my new ward, and my new calling right now. Luckily, however, this semester is more than half way over. I'm ready to be done with the stress and all the busy work. Thankfully I have so many good friends and church that allows me to escape the stress of my school life!