Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas Break.....

After all the birthday and Christmas celebrations, we spent the rest of the break hanging out, spending time together, and watching Emi play in her basketball games. Emilee is starting on the varsity team this year, and she's playing excellent. As the season goes on, the entire team keeps improving. One of my favorite things to do is to cheer for my baby sister in everything that she does.

The week before we came back to school, Kara and the family came up to visit. I sure do love their kiddos, and enjoy spending time with them. They're growing up so quick and are the cutest kids in the world (not that I'm biased or anything!!).
I love spending time at home during the holidays. It was so nice to have an entire month off to relax and spend time doing fun things at home in Lovell without worrying about homework or studying for exams. Christmas break went way too fast, and I can't believe I'm already back in Laramie with almost a week of new semester done & over with: 1 down, 15 more to go!!

Birthday & New Years Celebration...

I can't believe that my baby sister is 16 years old! She had her birthday on New Years Eve. We started the day out early, so Emi could do her treasure hunt and open her presents before my dad went to work and she had to go to basketball practice. She couldn't wait, so my mom took her to Cody to get her driver's license that day [So watch out Lovell because she's on the road & she's legal (Just kidding Emi, you're a pretty good driver- not that you read this very much, but just in case!)]!!
We spent the day listening to her play her new guitar, and relaxing. That night, we had Kara, Jase, and the kids, up to eat dinner (homemade pizza), eat dessert (brownies), and play games (Apples to Apples). It was a laid back night, and since Emi was legal to drive on her own she ended her birthday bringing in the new year by driving around with her friends.
Happy Birthday to my beautiful baby sister. I'm so proud of her and all that she's accomplished!

Christmas 2012.....

I can't believe that Christmas has already come and gone. This year and holiday season went by so fast. It seemed to go by even quicker since we weren't done with the semester until a week later then usual. After getting home, Christmas was already right around the corner. We had lots of shopping to do, but I was able to get mine done early so I was able to help get everything else done.

Christmas Eve was pretty relaxed this year. Kara and her family spent the day with Jason's family in Worland, so it was only Dani, Emi, my mom, my dad, and myself for the evening. We had our traditional dinner of a variety of food (nachos, pigs-in-a-blanket, chicken nuggests, sloppy joes, a relish tray, and lil' smokies). This year Dani & I took care of the FHE lesson. We used one of Jeffrey R. Holland's old messages from 1976 "Maybe Christmas Doesn't Come From a Store." After the lesson, Emi sang and played 'O Holy Night' and it was beautiful. We finished the night with our other Christmas Eve traditions, and got our new Christmas Eve PJs.
Christmas morning didn't start until 8:00, which is pretty late for some, but early for the Reasch family. Emi couldn't wait any longer to open presents, so she woke us up to get the ball rolling. I can't say thank you enough to my parents for everything they do for each one of us. They do all that they can to make the holidays special for each one of us.
The night ended with us going to out to Kara's house so the kids could show us their presents. I spent the night playing football, furbies, and helping them with their iPods. After we got back home, we ate dinner, and finished the night by playing Apples to Apples. This Christmas was a great one, and just like my birthday, I couldn't have asked for anything better.

Birthday Post.....

I've been quite the slacker about blogging over Christmas break. It went by super quick, but I got to do tons of fun stuff. I got done with finals on the 12th and headed for Lovell as soon as I turned in my exam. I lucked out that even though finals were a week later then they have been, I was still able to be done with the semester for my birthday.

My birthday was pretty relaxed because my dad & Emilee had to go to work & school, and I didn't want to wake up early to open presents before they left. After school was done, Emi had a basketball game in Powell. We spent the night cheering on the Bulldogs, eating Pizza Hut pizza, and finally opening my presents.
We decided since it was going to be a late night, that we would wait until Friday to have my birthday dinner and dessert. It was fun to spread the celebration out over a couple of days.
I'm so grateful for my family and everything they've done for me and making me feel special on my big 23!! It was an amazing day, and couldn't have asked for anything better.