Sunday, August 29, 2010

Didn't See That One Coming.....

My first week of school has gone pretty good. Most of my classes seem like they're going to be very interesting, with the exception of Biochem (I already find it hard to stay awake in that class).

While waiting for my Integrative Physiology class to start on Wednesday, I glanced at my phone to see that I had a missed call by a number that I didn't know. I was going to just ignore it, but then I realized I had a voicemail. It was one of my bishopric members, Marcus Bailey. He wanted to meet with me. Automatically I knew it was about a calling since it's the beginning of the semester. I was thinking they were going to tell me that I was going to continue teaching the Gospel Doctrine class, since I had been teaching it for less than a semester. Well, No Such Luck.....

After asking me how everything was going, how school was, and a little small talk Brother Bailey finally got around to why he had asked me to come in to talk with him. So now I am... the 1st Counselor in the Relief Society! Well needless to say I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. I definitely didn't expect to be called into a calling like that for at least a couple more years!!

Today I was sustained & set apart, so I am officially in the Relief Society Presidency. I'm going to be extremely busy with this now added to my schedule, but I'm so thankful for this opportunity. It's going to be interesting & a great blessing in my life. Even though I know I'm probably going to be overwhelmed the majority of the time, it'll be worth it.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Since Dani moved in there's been some changes made to some of the rooms in our house. In my room I got a bigger bed! It's sooo much nicer then the twin I've been sleeping on. It doesn't make my room look any different, especially since it's decorated exactly the same as my old bed was. It makes a huge difference to me though when I'm sleeping. It does seem to fit the room better and now there's not as much wasted space in the middle of the room.
Next is the bathroom. Dani got some cute bathroom decorations & it looks really good!! Every room in our house follows one of two main colors: black or brown. The bathroom is brown.
The third bedroom now has furniture in it. We took my old bed and put it in there along with the desk that was in the other bedroom. Now it's got some decorations of it's own and it no longer echoes when you talk in the room.
Dani's bedroom is so cute. She wanted her room to be decorated in bright red and black. All the furniture is black too. She also wanted a bigger bed right from the start, so we both have full beds in our room.
I'm so excited that Dani is living with me!! It's going to be so much fun being here together. I love our house & the way it feels all decorated up. It finally feels complete now, all that was missing was Dani all along!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Now It's Official.....

My first official day of pharmacy school started about 3 days before the semester actually starts. My pharmacy class is AWESOME. I probably know about 30 of the 50 students already because I've had classes with a lot of them in the past two years. We all get along very well already and it's going to be an exciting 4 years being able to spend them together!!

My first few days back in Laramie have been very busy. I got into town Tuesday night and spent the night unloading & unpacking, and then I headed to Wendy's house to help her get everything moved in.

The next day (Wednesday) was my first day of orientation. Needless to say it was totally boring & a complete waste of time. I struggled to not fall asleep all day long. Orientation started at 8 in the morning (I had to leave home around 7:30), and it went clear until 4 in the afternoon with only one break for a few minutes plus a lunch break. Later after getting home I dug right in to clean my house, organize things, and move stuff out of the other bedrooms in my house because Dani came down on Thursday and was needed to have some place to put her stuff (imagine that)!!

Thursday started pretty much the same way as Wednesday did, with orientation going all day long 8-3:30, but this time we weren't done at the school after that. I ran home really quick to find my family at my house with a bunch of Dani's things already inside. I wasn't able to stay long because I had to go back to the school for my white coat ceremony. To start out Dean Vandel gave a short speech, then my P1 classes lined up and one-by-one some of the faculty put our coats on us & we took pictures, and finally after everyone had their coats we read the Pharmacy Pledge out loud together. The ceremony lasted for about an hour, and afterwards there was a reception and then my family walked around campus for a few minutes.
The rest of the night was spent getting Dani's things moved into the house and set up so she could sleep in the house for her first night!!

This morning I had a CPR Certification class from 9-12. It was a lot of fun to spend time with some of my class mates and get to know them better. After my class was over my family & I headed to Fort Collins to going shopping and have some fun while they were in town.

It's been great these last few days (even the boring orientation). I'm enjoying my last few days of summer vacation before the real work begins!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Coming To A Close......

Well my summer vacation is coming to a close. I can't believe it's over, where has it gone?! I head back to Laramie on Tuesday because I have orientation (which is mandatory) Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Only three more days of my vacation & being in Lovell!!

I've had a great summer with lots of fun things to do. For the 4th of July we had Kara & her family come up to blow off fireworks. We had a lot of cool ones this year, Jake still isn't a fan though despite our efforts to try and convince him they aren't that loud or scary.
The next fun thing we did was Cowley's Day. After going to the parade in the morning, we headed back to Lovell to look at Kara & Jason's house, eat at Minchow's, and then head back to the Cowley Park to watch Dani play in the volleyball tournament. Later that night I hung out with Michael Montanez for awhile.
The week after Cowley's Day, we had the entire week off of work. Mostly we stayed at home, cleaned the house, and just relaxed. Tuesday we spent the day in Billings shopping & of course eating at Olive Garden. On Thursday we headed up to the mountains to go camping. We rode 4-wheelers, sat around the fire, and went fishing. We came back down Friday afternoon.
After getting back from the mountains, Emi, Michael Bernard, & I went to the Powell Fair. It was lots of fun. After much persuasion, I was convinced to ride some rides. Normally we don't get along very well, but for the most part it was a lot of fun. There was only one time that I didn't feel well, but Emi & Michael didn't either. After spending hours at the fair, we went to eat some pizza and then head for home.
The next night Emi, Michael Montanez, & I went to watch Eclipse. It was amazing (even with it being the 3rd time Emi & I have seen it!!).

The rest of my summer has consisted of working, spending time with my friends & family, and just enjoying that last bit of my break. I'm in a bit of denial that school starts in less than 2 weeks. I've definitely liked having a break from studying & homework, and I'm not looking forward to going back to school at the moment. I'm totally nervous to start Pharmacy School, so the nerves aren't helping me want to get going again.

My summer has been great and has given me a much needed break. Ready or Not... Here Comes School Time!!