Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Last Hurrah.....

Well, sadly that time of year has come. The regular basketball season is over for the Pokes. Stephanie, Danielle, and I went to the last home game on Tuesday and we played TCU. It was senior night, and it was kind of sad because these seniors were here since I first came to UW.
The Pokes had a great season this year, and they didn't disappoint in this last home game at the A.A. This year, we actually sat in the student section because the games were a lot more crowded then in the past years so there was actually assigned seating. We love our Pokes and always sat in the first few rows to show our support, which apparently didn't go unnoticed because one of the basketball players told Dani that he sees us at every game!

I don't know what Dani and I are going to do now that basketball season is over. We watched basketball every weekend, either at the A.A. or on the Mountain. It's been an excellent season, and we're proud Cowboy fans in this house! Can't wait until next year!! :D

Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Hobby.....

When I was in 4th grade, I learned to make lanyards in art class. Now most people probably forget about the things they learned in elementary school, but I remember the most random things. I've made a ton of these key chains. It's kind of lame, but I love making them. I've probably made around a hundred of them. Luckily Katelyn and Jacob love them so I have something to do with all of them! I love to make them because whenever I'm just sitting around, it gives me something to do with my hands.
I'm in public speaking this semester and we just gave "How To" speeches. One girl gave her speech on how to make Paracord Bracelets. To make them, you have to use one of the braids that I do for my lanyards. I've ordered some paracord and have made a few bracelets already. This is my new hobby and I like that I have something else that I can make.
Something good came out of public speaking already. It's not quite as dorky as making a ton of key chains, even though I still make those too. :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Minor Changes.....

Well, there's been some more changes in decorations in our house but nothing too drastic.

For Christmas this year, Dani got me a new lamp to go my bedroom. It's lime green and matches my decorations great! I changed the blanket and decorative pillow on my bed because I wanted some color in my room. I love it and it makes such a difference. I moved my old lamp onto my dresser and got rid of the one that was on it before. There's a lot more light in my room now because I have two big lamps, and it makes all the difference in the world.
My bathroom got some new hand towels and they add to my decorations. It's still the same colors and nothing else has changed.
In the living room, our breaker box is on the wall right when you walk in the door. It's such an eyesore and I had looking at it. Before we covered up the box with a scripture in a black frame. For my birthday, I got a pretty mirror and a saying that says "Bless This House" to put up, which looks beautiful now! I put what used to be hanging there in the extra room because it is decorated in black and white and matches perfectly.
We also hung up some pictures of our adorable niece and nephews right next to our front door. It was perfect, because we needed some more pictures and finally had something to put around our strange small window.
After Kaia moved out, we decorated the extra room so this has been done for awhile, but it went along with this post so I decided to include it. My old twin bed, some pictures, and a book case are in there to fill up the room.
The biggest change was Dani's bathroom. It got a new make over. It used to be decorated in brown, blue, and white. Now it's decorated in black, white, and red to match Dani's bedroom. I love it and having a white shower curtain makes the room feel bigger and brighter.

I love making small changes in decorations. The changes may not be too drastic, but I love them.