Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Week.....

Well Thanksgiving break has come and gone. I was home for an entire week, but it went by so fast it only felt like it was about 2-3 days! Dani & I headed home Monday afternoon after I finished taking my Law Exam. It's been so long since we've been back to Lovell (since September), which really hasn't been all that long but it feels like forever. We got home pretty late so we all we did was eat some dinner, talked for awhile, and then went to sleep.

Tuesday I had a Doctor's appointment (which went great) and then headed out to Kara's house to see her, Jase, and the kids. It was so nice to see those kiddos. While we were there, Katelyn showed me what she's learned on the guitar at school. She knew quite a few chords, so I showed her the chords of You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift. She practiced all day and had it memorized by the time she came up Thursday night.
Wednesday night, we watched Duck Dynasty while we made 9 pies for Thanksgiving the next day. We had a pretty laid back Thanksgiving day dinner. It was my mom, dad, Danielle, Emilee, and Me. Kara had Jason's family out to their house for dinner so they came up later that night for pie. My mom asked if we could take some pictures, they turned out great (just wish Kara & Liss could have been there for there too)!
The next day, my dad didn't have to work. Since the weather was actually nice, we decided to get the outside Christmas lights put up. It still took a long time (about 4-5 hours) to get them hung, but it took much less time with 5 people working on it. After we got finished up, Dani, Emi, & I headed up to Cowley to watch the Brown and Gold game.
It was a great break and I'm sad it's over. We laughed a lot all week and had so much fun together. There's not too many dull moments at the Reasch house (especially when Dani and Emi are around).
Now it's back to school for 2 more weeks, and then I'm home for Christmas break for a month. With another semester down and only one more to go until it's time for rotations!!