Friday, November 21, 2008


Last night Kara, Kylie, and I went to the midnight showing of Twilight. It was absolutely amazing, most definitely worth the wait and worth seeing again. Even though I had an exam this morning at 9 a.m., it was totally worth not going to bed until 2:30 in the morning for that movie.

Today after my anthropology exam and math quiz, I went and babysat Kara's kids so her and Jason could go watch Twilight. Tomorrow night I'm going to watch it again, but this time with Kristen. Kara said the movie is even better the second time you watch it, so I'm super excited. Best movie of the year by far! When's the next one coming out!?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hectic Schedule...

It is definitely clear that this semester is ticking down. I have an extremely hectic schedule these last few weeks of school. This week I had my last Chemistry Lab... YAY!! On Thursday I have an exam for my math class, and then Friday I have a quiz in Anthropology.

Starting the next week, on Tuesday I have a Chemistry quiz and also a Biology exam. Wednesday I have another Chemistry exam. Friday I have an Anthropology exam. Of course that night is also the premiere of Twilight, which I'm so excited for!!!

The week of Thanksgiving, on Monday I have another Anthropology quiz. I have no labs that week, so I get to come home on Tuesday at 11:00... I'm soooo excited!!

Right after I get back from Thanksgiving break, that Monday I have a Biology Lab review because on Tuesday I have my Biology Lab Final. Wednesday I have another Anthropology quiz as well as my Chemistry Lab Final.

The last week of the semester should be a time of celebration, which it is for some. College students on the other hand get to have lovely finals week. I'm dreading it... I have a hard enough time on normal exams, there's no way I'll be able to remember things from the entire semester!! My finals week schedule is pretty nice though. Monday I don't have any tests, Tuesday I have my Biology final, Wednesday I have my Math final, Thursday I have my Chemistry final, and Friday is my Anthropology final. (Luckily because of the crappy scheduled quizzes, if we like our grade in Anthropology we can opt to not take the final and begin our break one day earlier!!) My fall semester will be completely done the day before my birthday, so when it finally comes I can be relieved and care free!!

I'm so excited for this semester to be over, but I can't believe how fast it's gone. Where does the time go?!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


These past two weeks, I've had three exams: Biology, Anthropology, and Chemistry. The first on the list, was the always dreaded Biology exam. I did better then I did on the last one, a 72%. Yay!! WAY better then a 63%!! Our class average was a 73%, Dr. Ewers said that he's never had an average that high since the early 1990's!! In his years of teaching the third exam average has always been his worst exam of all, and this time it actually was BETTER then the second exam. Pretty amazing, I think we deserve a pat on the back. :)

Next on the list was my Anthropology exam. Once again I received a 73% on the exam. However, since I'm a good girl and always go to class, I've accumulated 8 extra credit points so far, and my grade is a 77%. On top of that I did an extra credit assignment worth 10 points. If I receive full points, I will have an 82% in my class!! Our professor is very laid back and very cool in this class. These last few weeks, we have the option to take three quizzes, and after those quizzes, if we like our grade, we can choose to not take the final exam. If you do want to try and improve our grade, we can take the final, but she will only enter the score if it improves our grade, but she won't if it'll hurt it. AWESOME!!!

This morning I got my Chemistry exam back. I got an 80%!! My discussion TA asked if I had improved on this exam, then on my last one. I did by one point. She informed me, that it rarely happens that a student improves their test score on the second exam, it might stay the same, but more than not, it drops! So far, I've had a pretty good day!! Hopefully it keeps going!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

I decided I didn't have very many pictures of myself on my blog, and since I looked half way decent today, it would be a good time for a picture.

Last night I didn't do anything for Halloween except sit at home, watch a movie, clean my house, and hang out with Kara and the fam for a while. Katelyn and Jacob looked so cute last night. I think they liked my treats I got them. I got each of them a glowstick and a glow necklace, a bag of frooties (which Katelyn said was their favorite candy), some chocolate gold coins, and a giant coloring book. I think it was a hit. They were the only trick-o-treaters that I had, so now I have a TON of candy left over. It wasn't a big deal that nothing exciting happened though because I'm not into the whole halloween thing. I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!