Friday, June 26, 2009

Completely Done....

I am now completely done with my summer classes...I finished my final paper this morning so now all I have to do is submit it YAY!! It is so nice to have that done and not have to worry about it anymore (Thanks Mom for making me do it this morning :) ha ha)

Now I can sit back and enjoy the last few days of Lovell's Days and not have to worry about remembering to finish that dang paper. Happy Days, it is now officially my summer vacation!!!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Finished, Well Almost....

Well, I'm finally home for the summer... No more school for TWO MONTHS!! I'm not quite done though. Because my English class was so short, there wasn't enough time in a four week class to write 4 papers, so my teacher gave us an extra week to get our last paper done. I have my final paper due on Sunday (then I'll officially be done with everything)!

I'm so excited to be home and able to relax. Although, there hasn't been much relaxing done so far because my parents went away on a little vacation to Salt Lake City Saturday-Tuesday, so Emi, Dani, and I are holding down the fort while the parents are away.

Kara and her family have come up both Sunday and also tonight for dinner and to keep us company (I even helped cook, well Sunday dinner at least didn't have much to do with today's!!). Emi wasn't feeling the best this morning, so I spent most of that time making sure she felt ok and keeping the house picked up. It's a lot of work keeping this house picked up, I totally understand how my mom feels now (I don't know how she does it, I guess she's Superwoman)

I'm going to get my paper all finished up in the next couple of days, Kara and the kids, Emi, maybe Dani, and I are going up to Cody tomorrow to get a few things (Kate & Jake are pumped because they get a pet fish). I'm going to get everything taken care of before Lovell's Days and finally get to work and make some money (Happy Days!!).

Since I'm home for the summer, and mostly I keep this blog for my mom so she knows what's going on with me I don't know how much I'll be keeping up to date on this thing... we'll see!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Almost There....

I am almost done with summer school, only one more week! Thursday was my last day of Music so no more 8:40 class for 3 hours!!! My music class went really well and I ended up with an A in the class. For English I have a paper due on Wednesday and then a final oral exam on Friday. Sometime after I get home I have another paper due because there's just not enough time in these four weeks to write 4 papers. This next week will go fast and I'm so excited to go home. Just a little more then it's over...

Last weekend Melissa, Derek, and Darius came down to Fort Collins for a friend's wedding. It was a lot of fun to get out of Laramie for a day and even nicer to not have to sit at home alone during the weekend. The trip down wasn't too bad, but when I finally got into town I got a little lost and it took me a while to find their hotel. We hung out at the hotel for a few hours, then headed to the wedding in LaPort. After the wedding, I headed back to Laramie where I found my new cell phone :) which of course has kept me entertained for a few days.

I've really enjoyed summer school, but am still really excited to be done. As nice as it is to get 6 credits in just a few weeks, it's going to be even nicer to be home and finally have a real summer break to get to spend time with my family without having to turn around and leave a few days later.